Holiday V (Holiday 5)

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  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
  • Holiday V, Holiday 5
* Price Per Day In EUR

Holiday V (Holiday 5)

Unforgettable "Blue Voyage" experience, designed for the comfort and satisfaction of our guests Gulet holiday V ( holiday 5 ) welcome.

For some, legend, adventure, unlimited fun and a peaceful atmosphere for others is "Blue Voyage". That time forgot, it is an indescribable experience that you can name everyone in their own way. A combination of traditional luxury with the warmth offered by the holiday 5 with the environment, safe navigation, comfort, spacious living areas with a sleek design that complements the unique.

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Price Per Day In EUR

Yacht Specifications

  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • The Night Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Max. Passenger: 20
  • Crew: 4
  • Number Of Cabins: 10
  • Twin Cabin: 2
  • Double Cabin: 8
  • Length: 28 M
  • Width: 8 M
  • Year Renewal: 1995/2015
  • Cruise Speed: 11 Knots
  • Motors: 315
  • Electric: 220V,24V
  • Generator: AKSA 42 KVA
  • Design: Kural
  • Flag: Turkey
  • Cruising Area: International Waters

Online Booking

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Information Is Included In The Price

•Port charges and output operations
•Cruise ship agency certificate and costs necessary for the operations
•Mooring fees
•Crew service
•fuel expenses
•Bed linen and bath towels
Use of equipment on board
•Yacht insurance (we advise you to take personal travel insurance.)

Except For The Price Information

•Lunch and drinks on a yacht
•Private marina fees
•Port taxes and customs fees in foreign waters
•D. V. K.
•Airport transfers
•If you are in the boat, jet-skiing and water sports use

Refund Transactions

Deposit and payment
Yacht rental to your date of reservation total 50% of the cost you must pay. This payment, pre-payment (deposit) for payment are made in advance and the balance is taken as a week (depending on the contract, to pay in different ways can be made in cash at the entrance, etc.).

Cancellation Policy
All of the deposit to be paid back for the cancellation must be notified in writing 90 days before the tour date tours until light. In case of any cancellation the following rules apply:
The tour date
*If cancelled up to 90 days, the deposit of 25% will be charged and the remaining balance will be refunded.
*If cancelled 89-60 days ago until deposit of 50% will be charged and the remaining balance will be refunded.
*If cancelled 59 days or less is non-Refundable.

Change The Boat

Light tours, cabin Charter boat or boat rental program that you will use in it may be necessary for to make a change. In case you have a boat the same or better standard bed modified to passengers complaining about the situation, you cannot Cancel the tour and cruise tours may cancel any tour at any time if force majeure outage light.

During the tour in a way that will last more than 48 hours on the boat engine failure, conflict in the sea, stinging, or due to fire, in case it cannot function of the boat becomes a new boat sent out, or unless no other alternative is available to guests of the species could not be performed relating to the day, no refunds are made for the guests. Apart from this, requests to be made will not be accepted. Light conditions in the agreement between the parties that signed the contract with booking tours and all the problems are solved not only in courts that belong to the Turkish., Turkish legislation applies.

Light Tours, Designated tour programs and services is responsible for making all the arrangements for you.
The light does not cover the area outside the responsibility of the boat tours, prior to boarding the boat or landing situations that may arise after the passenger made on behalf of the passenger by himself or if he wants the light from the set of Tours is not responsible for.

Light the convenience of guests in terms of Tours, sale may provide land tours with a tour or other services can be found at. However, in Light of the receipt of these services, the company tours-tours of the light are independent companies, and any damage, loss, injury or death cannot be held responsible for.
However, the light that is within all services provided to all customers quality guarantee and boat Tours depends upon the terms of service.
Light Tours in the travel documents that are given to all guest or registered by Turkish law, as determined by the terms and Conditions shall prevail.
Light Tours, private yacht boat or boat rentals if the booking number exceeds the capacity of the number of guests has the right to cancel the tour.

1.850 Starting

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