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We highly suggest trying horse riding fort he guests who like riding as starter or intermediate level. You can ride either in the morning or in the afternoon. We think that you will love horse riding in which you will be able to see the old Greek houses in Kayaköy (Levissi) and Oludeniz.

In the morning – Kayaköy (Levissi) Horse Riding….
The riding takes about three hours and starts from Hisarönü. Then we reach Kayaköy which is famous for its ancient Greek ruins, after riding among the pine trees for about one and half an hour. We give a pause for a cup of tea and pancake for twenty minutes.  Then we wander the old church and old houses (Levissi) and take photos of them. After that we ride back from the same route and complete the tour. We say goodbye to you until our next meeting.

In the afternoon – Ölüdeniz (Panoramic) Horse Riding…
The riding takes about two and half an hour after starting from Hisarönü. We ride among the pine trees for about an hour. We have a break to view the turquoise water of Ölüdeniz for about thirty minutes. We take many photos in order to enlive the Oludeniz horse riding tour. After taking photos of the wonderful scenery, we get back from the same route which takes about an hour. We say goodbye to you until our next meeting.

Note: For Professional riders, you can demand horse racing reservation. The Professional riders can ride seperately from the group. However you can’t demand seperate riding without informing us beforehand.

We would like to note that the responsibility of the riders belongs to themselves during the tour.

Place and Time
Hillside Beach Club 15:00, Hillside Beach Club 08:00, Club Hotel Letoonia 15:00, Club Hotel Letoonia 08:00, Club Tuana Fethiye 15:00, Club Tuana Fethiye 08:00, Liberty Hotels Lykia 15:15, Liberty Hotels Lykia 08:15, Oludeniz 08:30, Oludeniz 15:30, Hisaronu 15:45, Hisaronu 08:45, Ovacik 15:30, Ovacik 08:45, Fethiye 15:15, Fethiye 08:15

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