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For instance we suggest you not to miss the Air Games Festival which is held on 11th-15th of October. We highly recommend you to do paragliding in mount Babadag.

So what is paragliding ?
First of all, our Professional pilots brief you about paragliding. In order to fly, you just need to walk a few step or run for short distance. Then the canopy is filled with air. With the help of the wind, you start to experience the joy of paragliding.

Is paragliding safe ?
Thr maintenance of the equipments are done regularly. We also have certificate for paragliding and have the company procedure.Our expert pilots do paragliding four times a day and take everyone from any age group to this amazing experience

Each passanger is informed about this sport before the take off. They are given helmets and flight clothes. Our pilots have to carry walky talkies for safety. Moreover, weather forecast is evaluated before the flights.

Do I have insurance fort he flight ?
The all inclusive insurance provide guarantee up to 50.000 euros.

Is there a weight limit for paragliding ?
Since the weight that the canopy can carry is limited, the weight of the passangers and weather conditions are carefully evaluated. The weight limit is maximum 110 kilograms but can change according to the weight of the passanger.

What do I need fort he flight ?
All you need, a pair of trainers, loose clothes and camera. (Flight costımes are provided by our company.)

Note : Since the flights are done accorrding to the weathre conditions, we suggest you to make reservation beforehand.

Place and Time
Tuana Clup Hotel 14:30, Tuana Clup Hotel 12:15, Tuana Clup Hotel 10:00, Tuana Clup Hotel 07:15, Liberty Hotels Lykia 15:30, Liberty Hotels Lykia 13:00, Liberty Hotels Lykia 10:30, Liberty Hotels Lykia 07:30, Hillside Beach Clup Hotel 14:30, Hillside Beach Clup Hotel 12:45, Hillside Beach Clup 09:45, Hillside Beach Clup 07:30, Letoonia Clup Hotel 14:45, Letoonia Clup Hotel 12:45, Letoonia Clup Hotel 10:00, Letoonia Clup Hotel 07:30, Oludeniz 15:30, Oludeniz 13:30, Oludeniz 10:30, Oludeniz 08:15, Hisaronu 13:45, Hisaronu 15:45, Hisaronu 10:45, Hisaronu 08:00, Ovacik 15:30, Ovacik 13:30, Ovacik 10:30, Ovacik 08:00, Calis 15:00, Calis 13:15, Calis 10:00, Calis: 07:30, Fethiye 15:00, Fethiye 13:15, Fethiye 10:00, Fethiye 07:45

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