Afkule Monastery, Walking and Bird Watching - Tour Properties

Afkule Monastery, Walking and Bird Watching - Activity Tours

Ideal for monastery exploration, Cultural Tour, Forest walk, cool and bird watching, it is suitable for people between 18-55 years who are short and without any health disabilities. It is a total of 4 hours with bird watching, cultural tour and nature walk. Sandwiches, dried apricots, fruits and drinks are served in the tour.
Our tour is organized with minimum 4 people. Depending on request, a maximum of 3 private tours can be arranged for our guests. Our price for our private tour groups is 600 TRY (125 EUR).

Information Is Included In The Price

Sandvic, Apricot, Fruits and Beverages
The tour guide
Transfer to Area

Refund Transactions

In case of cancellation the backpayings will be as follows:

* 2 Days before the excursion date : %75 will be paid back

* 1 Days before the excursion date : %50 will be paid

If the customer does not join on the excursion date, no backpayings will be made, Only if the agency is responsible for the cancellation 100% will be paid back.

We would be more than happy to help you. Our team advisor are 24/7 at your service to help you.

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