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The traces of many civilizations have been found in the borders of Seydikemer District from past to present. These; Lukkas, Lycians, Persians, Athenians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Menteseogullari and Ottomans are listed as.

The history of Seydikemer starts with the history of Lycia. Early Bronze Age settlement was found by Mellink in Keratos-Semahüyük excavations (Akşit, 1967: 66). Archaeological and philological data are given in Lycian BC. In the 3rd millennium, it is able to prove the presence of resettlement (Akşit, 1967: 67). History of the city According to the findings of Korkut (09.09.2014): the date goes back to 11 000 years ago.

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