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Orak Island - Bay

Bodrum Orak Island stretches just across Kargicik Buku. Blue cruise boats and diving boats are among the places frequented. The island's slopes are olive groves and there are no settlements on the island. Orak Island or the people's use of Oraklar, 16 kilometers away from Bodrum and boats are reaching in about two hours. This is just one of the most beautiful seas you can see and see in Muğla. Orak Island is similar to the sickle shape. For this reason, this island is said to be called Orak Island.

Since the island has a clean water, the sea is quite clear and vitality is quite high. This shows that diving lovers love Orak Island so much. Not only the divers, but also those who come with boats, the sea of ​​the island is very much because of the cleanliness and clarity. One of the most important Blue cruise routes is the Sickle. The boats have two dark for shelter. The eastern and northern ports of the island are sheltered from the wind and suitable for anchoring. For this reason, some blue tour boats spend a night anchoring around this island. The sea is sparkling and there are coves like aquariums compared to those who want to swim and dive.

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