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Fethiye - Marmaris - Fethiye

Full Pension - (RN: 1-6)
(Average 4.7 of 3 Ratings)
General Technical Specifications of Boats
Length: 19m - 26m.
Cabinet: 6-8-10
Width: 5m to 8m.
Shower-Wc: Each Cabin
Engine: 240 Hp-480 Hp
Class: Standard
Type: Gullet Yada Ketch
Electricity: 12-24 Volt (220 Volt Limalarda)

* Gulets: radio, music set, sandal, fishing equipments, sea glasses, snorkel, pallet are available.
* Cabins: Shower and wc, small closet, window and double bed, 1 face towel, 1 bath towel, blanket, double bed cover. No change unless required
* There are 3-4 staff working on the boat according to the capacity of the teknen.
* According to the number of passengers, all safety equipments are available on the boat. (Life jacket, engine for fiber boat and boat).
* Transfer of the passengers is done until the gate of the yacht harbor. After a certain time, these doors are closed, so 50-100 mt is walked then the boat is reached. Transfer transfer details are given by the customers.
* There is a bar on every boat. All kinds of alcoholic drinks are available at our bar prices. Extra drinks on the boat are paid captainly ..
The captain has the right to change the route according to the weather conditions.


Route and Tour Information

Starting Point and Departure
Going | 1.Day - Fethiye
Going | 2.Day - Gocek Bay
Going | 3.Day - Gocek Bay
Going | 4.Day - Ekincik
Arrival | 1.Day - Marmaris
Arrival | 2.Day - Gocek Bay
Arrival | 3.Day - Gocek
Arrival | 4.Day - Fethiye

Reservation and Prices (RN: 1-6)

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